DEAR MOM: A Children's Story for Moms in Dr. Seuss Style Rhyme (Meus Tales #5) - Mr. Meus

These are poems in the style of Dr. Seuss (though not up to par IMO). They're good for small children to read to their mothers as a special moment / gift. Or just use some actual Dr. Seuss and it will be just as / more cute. Though I did like the heart in hand exercise. I can see moms everywhere tearing up at that one. I know mine would even now! 



1) Have your mom hold up her right hand in front of you, with her palm toward you.

2) Draw an invisible heart on her palm with your finger, so your heart is in her hand. 

3) Have your mom put her hand on her heart so your heart is always with hers.

4) Now do the reverse: She draws her heart on your hand and you put your hand to your heart. 

~~ from Dear Mom by Mr. Meus