The Millionaire Map: The Ultimate Guide to Creating, Enjoying, and Sharing Wealth - Jim Stovall

I received an e-galley copy of this book from NetGalley for review. 


I found myself somewhat disappointed with this book. While I found Stovall's personal story interesting, and his advice good (hence, my 3 stars) -- for example: be careful who you trust, work down your debt, don't live beyond your means, find work that fulfills you and benefits others -- much of it fell under "Captain Obvious" territory for me. Also, much of the book has a few phrases that are just rehashed over and over again multiple times, only altering slightly in wording. Whenever I see this in books, I immediately take it as filler writing, a technique usually implemented by less experienced writers, not someone who repeatedly points out that this is his 20th book.


I also took his Ultimate Productivity Assesment online (just out of curiosity). Some of the questions are oddly worded, somewhat confusing in tone. The test, like the book, also repeats several questions with slightly changed wording.I was annoyed that I waded through these 60 questions only to have my answers parroted back to me without any real evaluation of what I put in.