The Italian Lover - Robert Hellenga

The Italian Lover continues the story of Margot, the antique book restorer, started in The Sixteen Pleasures. In this sequel, the movie rights to Margot's memoir have been purchased and the movie in development is called The Italian Lover. The novel is then pretty much written around all the behind the scenes stuff going on to get the movie made and all the personal dramas of the people involved in the process. 


I'm not sure what happened with this one. I was excited to read this since I had loved The Sixteen Pleasures so much. This one was a total letdown. The writing didn't even sound like the first book. It was so watered down with so many repetitive words and phrases that I almost wondered if it was ghost written! All the life has been sucked out of this sequel. Margot is in her 50s now and comes off as whiney and romantically desperate as hell. She hardly talks about her book restoration work at all. Oh and black lab owners (I'm one) beware, there's an abused black lab in the story that thankfully gets saved by Woody, but before he steps in.. ugh, hated reading that. 


The story overall is just dull! I still love The Sixteen Pleasures though (and did enjoy the final pages of The Italian Lover -- and no, not because it was ending! There's honestly some good stuff there.. I just think this book could have been WAY better) and look forward to reading The Fall Of A Sparrow which features the backstory of Woody, Margot's love interest in The Italian Lover