Bought and Paid For: From the Play of George Broadhurst - Arthur Hornblow


Above: Arthur Hornblow, Sr. 



This is the second book Ive read by turn of the century author and playwright Arthur Hornblow and I really enjoyed it. This was a very fast read for me (2 days) mainly because these novels read like movies. This particular book was a novel adaptation of the play by George Broadhurst - the owner and founder of famed Broadhurst Theatre in NY.  This story is similar to The Moneymakers in that it involves a woman choosing comfort over love in her married life but then finding love in the process. Of course there is drama mixed in to help the characters come to these revelations. An interesting sidenote - I discovered that Arthur Hornblow was one time father in law to famous silver screen actress Myrna Loy!


Myrna Loy & Arthur Hornblow, Jr., when they were a married couple



Silver Screen beauty Myrna Loy