Elegy for Iris - John Bayley

I really had not heard of Iris Murdoch before reading this book. I did see the movie based on the novel which was beautifully done but this book is even more touching. It is the written account of Iris's day to day life from the perspective of her husband, literary critic John Bailey. He begins with when he first met and became enthralled with her and continues up through 40 yrs of marriage and her later unfortunate slide into Alzheimers disease. His account of their life, good times and bad, is so sweetly and touchingly put you almost cant help falling in love with the both of them and wanting to sit down to tea with them and chat. I was also moved at the devotion these two individuals had for each other, particularly John even after Iris's mental capacity was almost nonexistent. Definitely recommended. Only downside I found were a few briefs portions where he kinda went off on tangents on stories about their famous friends which was distracting from the real story at times. Otherwise, great!