Into the Forest - Jean Hegland

yeaa... I audibly said "WHAT THE..!!" when I got to the weird part between the sisters a number of reviewers mentioned. It was most definitely weird but then I remembered how I had read similarly icky material in V.C. Andrews books as a teen. As an adult, I still think the behavior was definitely taboo but I wondered if Hegland was hinting that in such an apocalyptic - type scenario, those kind of socially understood parameters could easily be shifted. Aside from that scene I really liked this book. It wasn't always riveting and I did wonder why the girls were so slow in figuring out how to use the forest to their advantage when they grew up there, but I liked the characters of Eva and Nell, their personal quirks, struggles with each other, the fluctuation between naieve behavior and surprising inner strength with some of the stuff they had to endure. I really enjoyed Hegland's simple, soft writing style.