Last Days of Summer - Steve Kluger

Last Days of Summer is the story of Joey Margolis, neighborhood punching bag, growing up goofy and mostly fatherless in Brooklyn in the early 1940s. A boy looking for a hero, Joey decides to latch on to Charlie Banks, the all-star third baseman for the New York Giants. But Joey's chosen champion doesn't exactly welcome the extreme attention of a persistent young fan with an overactive imagination. Then again, this strange, needy kid might be exactly what Banks needs.




I picked this up because I tend to really enjoy epistolary novels. I was surprised at how much I ended up liking this one once I realized it revolved around the world of professional baseball (I don't have the best of luck with finding sports books I like). The first part was cute and breezy but by the end I was really into the back and forth between the small cast of characters. I would have given 5 stars except for the fact that I knew how it was going to end early on so once I got to the end I was like "yep, thought so" but that last letter of Charlie's at the end - wow.