Emotions - Renee' Gresock



Author Renee Gresock, inspired by the daily struggles that come with living with VonHippel-Undau Syndrome, offers up a collection of poems that tackle such themes as mental battles, hardening of the soul following heartbreak, and existential questions often stirred up in the midst of life struggles and subsequent emotional turmoil. She also touches upon some of the more stressful moments of motherhood, the tricky elements of co-parenting with an ex, the hurt of others making snap judgments without knowing your full story, broken marriage, and the exciting whirlwind of a fresh new love. 



Primarily set in rhyming verse, the writing itself is simple in form and flow, yet the messages still pack quite the punch. The tone of the various selections, led by the theme of many forms of heart hurts, alternates between hesitant optimism and borderline nihilism. It's a perfect collection to start with for readers new to the poetry genre.



My personal favorites from this collection:


✦ "I Should Be"

✦ "Gonna"

✦ "Echoes In The Breeze"

 "First Sight"

✦ "Life's Heartache"

✦ "Our Love"