Haunted - Susan Cooper, Joseph Delaney, Berlie Doherty, Jamila Gavin, Matt Haig, Robin Jarvis, Derek Landy, Sam Llewellyn, Mal Peet, Philip Reeve, Eleanor Updale

A fantastic collection of ghost stories from leading children's authors

Derek Landy (Scepter of the Ancients), Philip Reeve (Mortal Engines), Joseph Delaney (Revenge of the Witch), Susan Cooper (The Dark Is Rising), Eleanor Updale (Montmorency), Jamila Gavin (Coram Boy), Mal Peet (Keeper), Matt Haig (Samuel Blink and the Forbidden Forest), Berlie Doherty (The Goblin Baby), Robin Jarvis (The Dark Portal), and Sam Llewellyn (Little Darlings) have come together to offer 11 ghost stories. The stories include a drowned boy who is determined to find someone to play with; a lost child trapped in a mirror, ready to pull you in; devilish creatures, waiting with bated breath for their next young victim; and an ancient woodland reawakened. Some will make you scream, some will make you shiver, but all will haunt you gently long after you've put the book down.





Cute ghost stories in that they are only spooky in the most mild way, seems like most of them are geared toward the middle grade audience. Definitely reminds me of the kind of anthologies I'd burn through when I was in about 4th-5th grade. Fun collection for campfire story sessions! My favorites were "Ghost In The Machine" by Eleanor Updale, "Ghost Walk" by Matt Haig, and The Little Ship's Boy by Bernie Doherty. (Truthfully, seeing Matt Haig's name listed on the cover is what prompted me to get into this book in the first place, being a fan of his writing).


It was interesting to see in the author bio blurbs at the back of this book that most of the authors featured here don't actually believe in ghosts themselves, only that that topic makes for fun "what if" writing material. I love that in Haig's blurb it's written that he thought he saw a ghost once when he was a child, "but it might have been a dream...he HAD eaten a lot of cheese that night..." LOL