Hey Everyone!


I've been a little quiet here lately, figured I'd give a little update for those wondering what's going on. I had a flood of heartbreaks hit me all at once, it feels like. Mid-Feb. my mother in law landed back in the hospital for problems due to complications from the cancer she's been battling for years. She's doing better now, back at home, but shortly after that was when my husband was petting our black lab and noticed an odd looking lumpy spot on her rib cage. Took her to the vet, turned out to be cancerous. Thankfully, it also turned out to be what they call "low-grade", so they were able to surgically remove it but the recovery hasn't been super-easy on her, so that kills me to watch, but she is coming around to herself again. 


Shortly after that, I took some time for myself and went to the doctor to discuss some things that had been troubling me.... chronic fatigue that no amount of sleep seemed to shake, brain fog, stomach / gut problems, increased depression... a thorough blood panel was done and the doctor found my Vitamin D levels were in the single digits (on average, a healthy person's sits around 30).  Dr. explained that every problem I described falls under list of issues low Vit D can cause. Everything else came back completely normal (thankfully) but they're not quite sure what's causing such a low dip. I didn't eat terrible before -- I'm one of those weirdos that loves veggies and fish, lol -- but I'm just amping up the fish and veg that are Vit D heavy for a bit and then I have to go in for a re-test to see if that changed anything.


Then, the worst, on the 11th of this month, my mother unexpectedly, quietly passed away in her sleep (heart attack, we suspect). Understandably, that, more than anything has changed / affected me. I've been swamped with trying to get her final affairs in order. As far as my blogging and reviewing work, I've struggled. On some level, I want to write because it's what I know, it's my comfort zone... but I also can't find too much joy in anything right now. My motivation is mostly shot but I'm also not good at just laying around wallowing in pain. I was raised to be a person of action, of work / productiveness. That, too, is ingrained in me. 


I'm still struggling, but in the end work won out. I have deadlines coming up -- one today, in fact. Thinking about it though, work might be best for me right now. Not all at once, obvs, but it gives my otherwise wandering mind a focus right now. I guess when you don't know what else to do, go back to what you know? 


Anyway, that's what's been up with me. I'll be easing back into doing work as my energy allows. I've been doing this Vit D boost for a few weeks now and haven't really noticed a marked improvement in my symptoms but my mister pointed out to factor in everything else that has been going on... so I'm still fighting against the fatigue for awhile, it looks like. 


As a tribute to my mom, I am continuing on with working through the Outlander series. It was her all-time favorite series and sadly I never got around to reading them while she was here. I feel terrible about that. I had intended for this to be the year when I finally tackle those books and we'd discuss but mean ol' life had other plans. Still, for her, I am continuing on with that project.