No joke, I've had this site open ALL DAY waiting for it to work properly. I was cautiously optimistic when we all got that "we're going to get this place back on track" post from admin but now today it's back to taking 15-20 mins AT LEAST for book pages to load and I've been trying all day to write up some book reviews. All day I've gotten a virtually blank page -- the whole keybar (with bold, italic, underline, spoiler etc options) has been missing that whole time. Only just now did it finally start loading.


I have Tumblr as a back up but since I do reviews for publishing houses, I'd rather not direct them to a tumblr page. Everyone I've worked with so far has been totally fine with my blog here but it's getting to where I'm constantly stressing whether it'll load properly when I need it to. I signed up for an account with ThirdScribe today but am still trying to figure out how that site works. I still feel that fear of needing to have backups for this place :-(