The Knot Monster - Danielle Buss, Jennifer Hazen Buss

A school-aged girl named Ellie hates to have her hair brushed in the morning. Her mother tells her stories of a little purple monster called The Knot Monster who parties in her hair while sleeping, causing all the knots! Ellie sets out to catch the monster and when she does, he isn’t at all what she expected!




I thought this one had a really cute storyline and, being a female who has had a lifelong struggle with super thick hair, this story definitely brought back memories of my own childhood with my mother trying every treatment under the sun to keep those "rat's nests" out of the back of my hair! I enjoyed the simple but adorable hand-done line drawings. Some might fault the book for not having super high quality illustrations designed through software, but I thought the illustrations had a charming, homemade feel that just added to the sweetness of the book. I also think this one has a perfect ending that young readers will get a good laugh from!