The Honk of Zagonk - Pat Hatt, Ozzy Esha

Each year there are ancient dragon games to crown the winner of the Cup of Flames. The young dragons all show off their new found flame, hoping the cup will dawn their name. The year of Zagonk is remembered above them all. It is forever whispered in dragon hall. It was because instead of a flame he honked at his dragon game. Not something a dragon was known to do but away his honk flew. That was also the year the Frost Giant caused all the dragons fear. But what happens when Zagonk brings his honk near?




A dragon gets picked on by other dragons for having more of a "honk" than a typical fiery dragon roar. Hurt, but refusing to give up, Zagonk is determined to find his roar! 


The overall message is good, teaching children the importance of acceptance of people even if they're not like you. My trouble was with the rhymes. Yeah, they just... weren't great. I cringed pretty hard at the one that said "his honk was all he could sire." I also wish the images were formatted to Kindle a little better (this book is also available in paperback form by the way -- albeit in limited quantities -- I just happened to pick it up as a Kindle freebie). They show up pretty small no matter which way I turn the screen. Still, I did like the illustrations! Kinda reminded me of late 80s / early 90s cartoons!