Sun Moon Star (cloth) - Kurt Vonnegut, Ivan Chermayeff,  illus.

Sun Moon Star is the story of the birth of Jesus—as told by Kurt Vonnegut. This children’s book takes the newborn Jesus’ perspective, offering beautiful and insightful descriptions of the world from someone newly born into it. In this book, we follow Jesus and meet the people most important to his life—presented in new and surprising ways.
A powerful departure from Vonnegut’s more adult work, Sun Moon Star gives readers a rare glimpse of the writer’s talent in a format that’s unique and unexpected. This book’s well-crafted simplicity is sure to make it a favorite—with both children and adult readers who are Vonnegut fans.




Cute little children's book that imagines what the first days of Baby Jesus's life might have been like (from his perspective). I found an old copy of this at my mother-in-law's house and was mainly curious about it because it was a Vonnegut book I had never heard of before. The one thing that made me laugh was the bit about "he went to sleep and had a dream... and then a second dream... and then a third dream" with each line on a separate page. I couldn't help but think Okay now you're just going for filler LOL but yeah, this will be a cute addition to any Christmas books shelf or just a nice collectible for Vonnegut fans in general.