A Round-Heeled Woman: My Late-Life Adventures in Sex and Romance - Jane Juska


“Round-heeled” is an old-fashioned label for a woman who is promiscuous—someone who nowadays might be called “easy.” It’s a surprising way for a cultured English teacher with a passion for the novels of Anthony Trollope to describe herself, but then that’s just the first of many surprises to be found in this poignant, funny, utterly unique memoir. Jane Juska is a smart, energetic divorcée who decided she’d been celibate too long, and placed the following personal ad in her favorite newspaper, The New York Review of Books:

Before I turn 67—next March—I would like to have a lot of sex with a man I like. If you want to talk first, Trollope works for me.

This closing reference was a nod to her favorite author, of course. The response was overwhelming, and Juska took a sabbatical from teaching to meet some of the men who had replied. And since her ad made it clear that she wasn’t expecting just hand-holding, her dates zipped from first base to home plate in record time.







I thought this book would be full of humorous tales of living the life you want, age be damned... and it kinda..was. Juska does live the way she wants but I didn't find her writing style / stories all that amusing. :Largely, I was either bored, grossed out or just shaking my head at the dumbassery. The farther in I got, the more I realized I found this woman seriously off-putting! She gets heavy handed with unnecessarily detailed descriptions about all her bodily secretions during sexual encounters, she throws around language that would make a sailor step back, seemingly just for shock value.


There's also a feeling of smugness and superiority to the way she bemoans the presence of homeless people who dare to enter establishments she frequents (seriously! there are multiple passages where she goes on and on about the "stench" offending her sensitive olfactories).


Then there is how she nitpicks every little aspect of any guy that answers her ad. Okay, yes a woman needs standards when exploring dating / sexual prospects, obviously, but she was seriously harsh with her checklist,seemingly making every minus mark a potential deal breaker. None of them are truly good enough for her, so she has this tone of "poor me, look what I had to settle for.." yet the funny thing is oftentimes, she STILL goes ahead and sleeps with them! But then she lays on the woe is me when she gets the ones that seem to just use her and move on. You get back what you put out, woman!


I was so looking forward to loving this book. So bummed to find her and her writing so unlikeable!