The Tucci Table: Cooking With Family and Friends - Stanley Tucci, Felicity Blunt

Featuring family-friendly recipes and stunning photography, an all-new cookbook from New York Times bestselling author, beloved actor, and respected foodie Stanley Tucci.
Stanley Tucci’s association with wonderful foods began for fans with the movie Big Night and resonated in his role as Julia Child’s husband in Julie & Julia. But well before these films, he was enjoying innovative homemade Italian meals throughout his childhood, when family and food were nearly inseparable and cooking was always a familial venture.
Now, in a completely new, family-focused cookbook, Tucci captivates food lovers’ imaginations with recipes from his traditional Italian roots as well as those of his British wife, Felicity Blunt, tied together with a modern American ribbon.




** I was provided an e-galley of this book in return for an honest review.**




In addition to being a book addict, I'm also a hardcore movie lover and it seems like Stanley Tucci pops up in nearly everything these days! Having seen him play Julia Child's husband in Julie & Julia, of course I was curious about his own cookbook! 


I think this is the first cookbook I've looked at that has actually made me laugh out loud. Along with providing some amazing sounding (and easy to follow!) recipes, Stanley and his family seem like they'd be a laid-back blast to chill with. I also really liked that the recipes are not overly complicated, the majority of what they call for is stuff that you'd have around or wouldn't be too hard to find at any general supermarket or farmer's market. Too often I find cookbooks that call for ingredients and tools that are nowhere near in my budget.


I found it really sweet that he incorporated recipes and cooking techniques from both his late wife, Karen, and his current wife, Felicity Blunt -- and how he showed props and love to them both :-) I found that really heartwarming. His love for his family definitely shines through. I also liked that the recipes blended his Italian heritage with Felicity's British upbringing, so readers not only get traditional pastas and fish dishes of Italy, but also recipes for British classics such as fish and chips, Beef Wellington, English Roast, and Yorkshire Pudding. Warning to vegetarians and vegans though, the recipes here heavily feature a variety of meats -- though there are some vegetarian friendly pasta and salad recipes, as well as some tasty sounding recipes for Vegetable Parmigiana and Cauliflower Steaks (no meat involved, just called steaks because you cut them wide). 


In addition to recipes from the Tucci family, he also incorporates actress Emily Blunt's (Felicity's sister) Chicken Noodle Soup, Monk's Tony Shalhoub's Stuffed Grape Leaves and a flatbread recipe from the late Natasha Richardson (Liam Neeson's wife). 


Along with the recipes, Tucci also includes some great kitchen tips in general. My favorites:


* If you invest in 3 good quality knives, they should last for life.




* Don't cook with wine you wouldn't drink!


I was surprised to find the recipe for the white beans / canned tuna / onions combo. That was something my own mother used to throw together during lean grocery periods. As Tucci points out, it's a recipe where you always seem to have the ingredients on hand. But I thought it was something my mom just randomly thought up out of desperation! Guess someone in his family did too X-D