The Incredible Edible Toe - Wilkie Collins, Asher Jones

Come on in and have a seat I've got folks you'd love to meet! Find out what happened to good ole' Augustus, or meet that old goat Molly Mox. Read all about Sally Scrum and her 60 kittens, and learn about Allergies in this wacky new book of poetry from children's poet extraordinaire Asher Jones.




I found this collection of children's rhymes to have a nice mix of themes, tones and rhythms. They were, for the most part, very cute, enhanced by the most adorable illustrations. Seriously, I would hang the octopus poem page as a whimsical art piece. There were a few that struck me a a tinge dark for really little children, and a couple of the poems were just okay for me...but overall, it brought me a lot of smiles. My favorites were "The Playground Is A Zoo", "The Veggie Monster", "Mr. Octopus", and "Nothing To Do".